Hope in Hopeless Times

Posted: 3/26/2020

                I can be a bit of a chronic optimist. When my graduate school roommate would ask me about my day on a scale of 1-10, I’d usually respond 8 (anything below 6 meant the day was a catastrophe). I have a tendency to overestimate my work capacity and underes...

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This is my beloved Son

Posted: 2/28/2020

Ash Wednesday rolled around, after a pretty unpleasant Tuesday. Most of my day had been spent trying to wrangle an unwilling sermon into something coherent, and finding my brain wiped out of energy by 2 in the afternoon – even though I’d taken multiple light days over the weekend. I was frustrated about my decreased capacity, since in g...

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Steve Clark and the no-good, very bad day

Posted: 2/9/2020

A lot of things went very astonishingly wrong on my flight back from Dallas on Friday.

Already sick with a cold, I sprinted as the last person onto the flight out of Dallas because I missed the rental car shuttle bus. After getting delayed in Chicago, I boarded a flight with broken air conditioning, which got diverted to JFK instead of Alba...

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Summer is coming But Winter is here

Posted: 1/21/2020

The storm rages outside. It looks like I won’t be leaving camp tonight. Rations are getting meager. Morale is low. The last tendrils of sunlight would have died away in the mid afternoon, for another night twice as long as the day, if the sun had been visible today. Predators close in on the eastern flank, tracking across the tundra –

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Armchair Pastor

Posted: 12/7/2019

I didn’t grow up in a family that watched a ton of sports, besides my dad’s fidelity to the Eagles. And certainly, he’d be invested in the games – laugh, clap, groan, and like any good fan he’d empathize with his team and criticize the calls that went against them – but he was far from an armchair quarterback. He...

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